Reduce cost of raw materials

FiberLean® MFC replaces 10-15% of the fiber in the base paper, reducing overall raw material costs and making better use of available pulp.

Improve productivity

Papermakers who use FiberLean® MFC improve productivity and are able to innovate and develop new differentiated products at the same time.

Better Quality Paper

The increased use of mineral gives better base paper opacity, brightness and improves the paper machine’s drying performance.

Dedicated Support

FiberLean® Technologies FiberLean® MFC plants are available in different capacities ranging from one thousand to over ten thousand tons of FiberLean® MFC per year.

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Added benefits of this application.

Our Trial-management application is designed with the “Internet of Things” in mind. Using machine data ingested by the application from your production line to steer technicians towards adjustments and fine-tuning to produce the highest quality, efficient and cost-effective paper production.

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